Signs and Symptoms of an Abnormal Period

Menstrual periods come and go, often like clockwork for many women. Every 28 days or so, the inevitable 3-5 days of female flow comes, usually without much fuss. For many women, this is just an inconvenience and a part of life. However, when these periods begin to stray from the norm, it can be a sign that something is wrong or changing in your body. Here are some signs of an abnormal period and what it can mean.

Late Periods

If you usually have a period every four weeks, but then five weeks go by without one, this should be considered abnormal. The first concern is whether you are pregnant; if that is not a possibility, then something else is causing the fluctuation. Poor diet, excessive weight loss or the beginning of pre-menopause are possible causes.

Heavy or Painful Periods

If you are experiencing more pain or heavier periods, this is abnormal. You may have cysts, fibroids or other reproductive issues. If you are in your forties or older, you could be entering pre-menopause. Many women experience heavier or more painful periods as their hormones begin to change.

Longer or More Frequent Periods

If you begin having periods every two weeks or have a period that lasts longer than seven days, this is abnormal. Once again, some women in pre-menopause can have changes in their period similar to this, but that is not always the cause. You may have other health problems that need to be diagnosed and treated by your OB/GYN.

If you have any significant changes in your period, schedule an appointment with your OB/GYN to determine the cause and issue. Your doctor can help diagnose the problem and give you treatment options.

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