You Still Struggling with Acne?

Published on: November 9, 2018

Teens are prone to acne and few live through these years without having to fight acne on their face. Acne can also occur on the back and shoulders. However, for many, adulthood brings an end to struggling with acne breakouts. For others, the struggle continues. If you are in your twenties or beyond and still fighting acne, it is time to find the cause and the right treatment to clear your skin.

Acne can be embarrassing, especially as an adult when most people have overcome this skin issue. Not only is it noticeable when the breakouts occur, acne can leave scars that change the texture and tone of your skin. Acne scars can leave dark marks or even a dent in the skin that can require more cosmetic therapy to remove. Finding a treatment can stop current breakouts and prevent permanent damage to your skin.

Not all acne is caused by the same factors. In teens, it can be overactive oil glands creating the breakouts, brought on by changes in the hormones. Oil glands can be a contributor in adult acne as well, but bacteria, blocked pores and inflammation can also have impacts on how clear your skin stays. When routine cleansing does not stop the breakouts, you need to find a more effective solution to treating your acne.

A dermatologist is the best place to go to find a treatment for chronic adult acne. For mild cases, a prescription cleansers or chemical peel may be what the doctor orders. For more severe cases, medications, laser therapy or light therapy may be recommended to stop the breakouts. Schedule your consultation with your local dermatologists to find a cure for your adult acne issue.

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