Three Things to do When You Find out You Are Pregnant

Published on: September 8, 2015

Whether you were trying to get pregnant or it’s a happy surprise, if this is your first baby, you may feel a little overwhelmed. It is normal to be excited, scared, happy and anxious, all at the same time. You want to do everything right and get ready for this new phase of your life. There are many things to consider before the baby arrives, but first, start with these three basic steps.

  1. Find a qualified OB/GYN. The first important step to preparing for a healthy delivery in several months down the road is finding an OB/GYN. You will need the expert care of a specialist to help you manage your health and monitor the growth of your baby. You will want a physician that offers care to meet your personal needs, especially if you are interested in having a natural birth or having health problems that make you at high risk for your pregnancy.
  2. Find out your due date. To begin planning, you need to know exactly when your bundle of joy will be arriving. Schedule your first doctor’s appointment to get a realistic estimate of when your due date will be.
  3. Start changing your habits. What you do no longer is only about you; you now have to think of that tiny baby inside you. This means improving your nutrition and cutting out certain items that may be harmful to your baby. Talk with your OB/GYN to learn what you need to avoid, plus what you need to add to your routine and diet to give your baby everything he or she needs while they are growing inside you.

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