Tips for Flying with Sinusitis

Published on: February 19, 2019
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While traveling by plane can be a real headache, traveling by plane with sinus problems can be torture.  People with sinusitis can have difficulty flying as it already adds to the pressure they are already experiencing on a daily basis. Their sinuses close up and may even find it hard to breathe properly.  Here are a few tips to consider when traveling with sinus issues:

  • Drink Plenty of Water: The cabin of a plane is a very dry place. Avoid further dehydration by drinking plenty of water before your plane takes off.
  • Steam your Sinuses: While on the plane, consider ordering a hot tea as your beverage and inhale the stream.  It will help keep your nasal passages moist and open during the flight.
  • Bring Nasal Sprays and Saline Solution: While they are only temporary aids, they can keep your passages clear,
  • Avoid Caffeine and Alcohol: Caffeine and alcohol tend to dehydrate the body anyway, so avoid them while flying.

All these remedies have one thing in common: avoid dehydration immediately before and while flying.

The best remedy is to see a doctor about your sinus problem.  A doctor can find the cause of your sinus issues and treat them so you no longer experience them while flying or any other time. A balloon sinuplasty, for example, is a small procedure in which the doctor inserts a tiny balloon into the patient’s sinus cavity and then inflates it, opening narrow passageways to allow for freer breathing. Talk to our doctor to find a solution to your sinus problem, and avoid the added pressure on your next flight.

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