Treating ADD Naturally

Published on: April 7, 2014

The worst thing about taking a prescription drug to treat a disorder such as Attention Deficit Disorder is the unnecessary side effects that go along with it. Children are commonly diagnosed with ADD, but adults have increasingly been diagnosed in the last five years. For many years the only way to treat ADD was through prescriptions such as Adderall and Ritalin. While these medications were generally effective at helping children, especially, control their impulsivity, these meds also gave patients painful headaches, insomnia, and were linked to depression. Thankfully, there is another approach to treating ADD – a healthy, and natural approach with no negative side effects.

Working with a Wholistic doctor, patients are often able to treat ADD with nutritional supplements and diet. Understanding each patient’s brain chemical imbalance will allow a naturopathic doctor to address the imbalances and specifically prescribe natural medicines that will correct them. Evaluation for food sensitivities is also extremely important. Often, people have food sensitivities that go undiagnosed but have symptoms of ADD. Natural treatments for attention deficit disorder are often very effective for those whose ADD is linked to diet.

A wholistic approach to optimal health looks at each patient as an individual and evaluates him or her as a specific person. Everyone is different in their dietary needs and how their dietary choices and supplemental choices can affect their overall health. ADD is a common disorder that does not have to be treated by a common dosage of medication. Call your wholistic doctor for a consultation so that you and your family can achieve a higher state of health.

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