Treatment For Adult Acne

Published on: December 31, 2013

You’ve grown out of the awkward stages of adolescence only to find that you are now suffering from acne as an adult. Acne is a skin disorder that affects almost everyone at some point in life, but that “some point” is typically during the teenage years when puberty affects hormones. However, adult acne is a common skin complaint among adults in the United States. Acne is a cause for emotional distress in many adults. Adults have a face to put forward in their professional lives, and if that face is covered in acne, many times adults shy away from being in the spotlight.

Treating adult acne is often times tricker than treating teen acne. Most over the counter acne treatments, washes, and toners are geared for the oily skin of teenagers. While adult skin may be broken out, it is typically much drier than that of a teenager. Harsh toners and washes developed for teens’ oily skin may irritate the drier facial skin of adults. If acne infected skin becomes dried out from harsh chemicals it can often make acne worse. There is a balance that must be achieved to successfully treat adult acne.

Adult acne needs tailored solutions because every adult condition is unique. Dry skin on the cheeks but oily skin in the T-zone? Acne on your back or buttocks? Acne that has become infected and is spreading? All of these acne conditions need specialized care. Your dermatologist understands the stages and causes of acne and can help you regain the clear and radiant skin that you desire.

Posted on behalf of Dr. John Kayal, Northwest Georgia Dermatology


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