What is Pyogenic Granuloma and is it Dangerous?

Published on: February 19, 2019 (Last modified on: June 29, 2020)

A type of skin growth that people may develop over time is pyogenic granuloma. They are most common on children or young adults, but they have been seen on patients of all ages. They are also associated with pregnant women. While their appearance may be startling as they grow, they are benign and may be treated.

Pyogenic Granuloma Symptoms

Pyogenic granuloma are often found on the hands, fingers, arms, face, neck, and back of a patient. Less commonly they may be found on the patient’s eye, lip, genitals, or inside of the mouth. They start as a lesion but grow over time to be a small round raised growth. They look like a blood-filled blister and may be smooth or rough to touch. It may bleed as there are many blood vessels associated with it.


The true causes of pyogenic granuloma are unclear. Sometimes they are cased by bug bites that have been scratched too much or other small injuries. Other times they are associated with hormonal changes such as pregnancy. Some medications such as Accutane and certain birth control medications cause the lesions.


Some lesions respond well to oral medications.  In other instances they have to be removed surgically and then cauterizing the skin.  Scarring is minimal. They may be shaved off, but it may return again. Laser therapy can also be used to shrink the lesion permanently.

Again, while these growths look scary, they are benign and very treatable.  See your doctor to discuss the best option for you if you have a pyogenic granuloma.

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