3 Types of Facelift Options

Published on: October 27, 2015

Have the years changed the look of your face? If you are over 40, would be a miracle if they hadn’t. Gravity, loss of skin elasticity, weight gain/loss and many other factors can change the shape of your face and skin as you age. A facelift is a surgical option to lift and tighten the facial skin to undo some of these changes. However, there are now many different options when it comes to facelifts, based on a patient’s particular needs. Here are three of the most popular options.

  1. The Mini-Facelift. One of the quickest types of anti-aging facial surgical procedures is the mini-facelift. Preferred by patients for its fast recovery and limited downtime, it is often called the ‘weekend facelift”. This procedure uses small incisions that help improve the neck and facial skin, yet can be done with only local anesthesia in many cases, allowing for quick recovery.
  2. The Mid-Face Lift. Although most facelifts focus on lifting the neck and jawline, some patients have sagging in their cheeks and jowls instead. A mini-facelift will not necessarily address these issues, so a mid-face lift is a better option. This surgery lifts the cheeks and jowls, with incisions that are hidden in the hairline.
  3. The Deep Plane Facelift. The most complete facelift is the deep plan facelift. This procedure can have a dramatic effect on your appearance, but is more evasive and can require more downtime. However, this procedure helps lift not only the top layer of skin, but the deeper tissues underneath for a natural, younger looking appearance for your face.

Before undergoing any facelift procedure, make sure to find a talented and experienced plastic surgeon. While a facelift can drastically improve your appearance, you want the right professional to perform the procedure. Make sure to research your plastic surgeon and ask for testimonials before choosing your physician.

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