Are Your Brown Spots Making Your Look Older?

Published on: May 2, 2015

What started as a few freckles when you were younger have now turned into a collection of brown spots on your hands, arms and chest. While they may have seemed cute at first, as you get older, they start looking more like age spots than cute freckles. If you are experiencing a larger amount of these spots on your body, they may be detracting from a youthful appearance.

Causes and Treatments for Brown Spots

Most brown spots are a normal occurrence in people with both light and dark pigments, usually appearing on areas of the skin that get the most sun exposure. These spots are referred to as freckles, age spots, sun spots and liver spots, and are usually benign. However, some types of melanoma can begin as a small brown spot, so keeping a close eye on any abnormal growth is important.

The good news is that removing brown spots is a fast and painless procedure when performed by an experienced dermatologist. One of the more advanced treatments available is called a CoolGuide laser procedure. This professional treatment only takes approximately 15 minutes and works by heating the dark cells. At first the brown spots may appear darker, but over the next few weeks they will begin to fade and fake away, leaving your skin free of the spots that are aging the appearance of your skin.

If you have been plagued by sun or brown spots on your skin, make an appointment with your local dermatologist for an examination and treatment. They will examine your existing brown spots for any signs of melanoma concern and offer treatment solutions to have them quickly removed. It can take years off your appearance in a quick procedure.

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