Is a Cheek Lift Right for You?

Published on: November 13, 2018

One of the many signs of aging is deeper bags under the eyes. This is not from tiredness, although it can make you look that way. As you lose fat under the skin, there area under your eyes can look sunken. Plus, the tissue in your cheeks can shift downwards, creating larger bags under the eyes and sagging jowls around the mouth and nose. A cheek lift is one option to minimize the appearance of eye bags and to give your face a mini-lift for a more youthful appearance.

A cheek lift is used to lift the pads of the cheek back into a more youthful position. When this tissue sags to the mid or lower face, it creates nasolabial lines around the mouth and changes the shape of the jowls. The face can begin to look square, with deeper lines. The eyes loose the soft tissue below, which can cause the deep bags that make a person look tired or sad. The check lift restores tissue to a higher elevation on the face to soften lines and bags. It can make your face looks ten years younger in one quick surgery.

There are many different types of cheek lifts. There are midface lifts, upper cheek lifts and lower cheek lifts. It depends on where the most evidence of the sagging tissue is on your face. If your jowls look heavy, a lower cheek lift may be needed. Those with more issues near their eyes may need an upper cheek lift.

If you have noticed bags under your eyes, lines around your nose and mouth or heavy jowls, a cheek lift might be right for you. Make an appointment with a quality facial plastic surgeon to learn more about the cheek lift procedure.

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