Finding a Qualified Naturopathic Physician

Published on: May 29, 2015

There are many benefits to including a Naturopathic physician as part of your medical health care team. While traditional physicians are trained to provide medical attention for many of the common injuries and ailments you encounter during your life, many are not experts in holistic health care. A Naturopathic physician can offer holistic medical and nutritional advice to treat and prevent disease that traditional doctors may not offer. However, it is important to find a qualified naturopathic doctor that has the right training and experience.

Trained Naturopathic Doctor Qualifications

Unfortunately, there are vast differences in the level of qualifications in Naturopathic physicians. In some states, a person can be a Naturopathic Doctor or ND, without attending an actual college or university. Many of these “doctors” received their diploma through online courses with no actual in-person training or internships.

To find a true Naturopathic doctor or physician that has been trained with the appropriate amount of medical schooling and real-life experience, you must explore their qualifications and education. A trained ND usually will have the following education and training:

  • Four year degree from an accredited undergraduate college or university
  • Four year degree from an accredited Naturopathic medical college
  • Two-four years in residency training
  • Board certification and licensing

Each state may have different requirements for certification so it is important to ask for a ND’s education and training background. It is not enough that they are legally allowed to use the term ND as a title, you want to ensure they have the education that the title implies.

A trained and experience ND can offer a higher dimension to your personal health care, approaching your health from a holistic perspective instead of only treating symptoms. Just make sure to choose a trained ND that has the medical background to work with the other members of your medical health care team.

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