Finding the Root Cause of Illnesses

Published on: January 7, 2017

Many times traditional or Western medicine focuses on treating the symptoms of illnesses instead of the root cause. Medications are given to relieve digestive, fatigue, depression and anxiety disorders without finding or treating the cause of these symptoms. If you have continued to suffer with ongoing health issues and side effects of medications given for your symptoms, it may be time to try another approach. Naturopathic medicine could be the solution you have been looking for to finally address the root cause of your disorder.

Naturopathic medicine takes a different approach to treating illness. Instead of focusing on your symptoms, naturopathic doctors look at other factors that may be causing your symptoms. Nutrition, hormonal imbalance and other issues can cause many of the symptoms that plague a large portion of the populace. If only the symptoms are treated, the underlying root cause can continue to create distress.

If you are new to naturopathic medicine, you may be skeptical of how effective this type of treatment can be. However, the basic approach is “First do no harm”, meaning the least invasive method using natural therapies is what is tried first to heal patients. Patients’ health and wellbeing is approached from a holistic standpoint, treating the whole body, not just one or two symptoms or issues.

Naturopathic physicians can work in tandem with your primary care physicians, giving you more options in finding the root cause of your illness. If you have continued to have issues that don’t seem to be favorably responding to traditional medicine, consider seeking the advice of a naturopathic doctor. You may finally find out the root cause of your illness and get the relief you desire.

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