When Is a Good Time to Consider Getting a Breast Lift?

Published on: November 9, 2018

Gravity, breast feeding, gaining/losing weight and age all affect the position and shape of your breasts. Many women find that their breasts do not resemble their younger versions by the time they reach their thirty or forties. Going without a bra to wear strapless outfits or wearing a swimsuit can highlight these changes. If you wish you could turn back time and have younger looking breasts, you may be ready to consider a breast lift. Here are some issues that can be fixed with a breast lift.

  • Sagging. The skin and tissue in the breast is vulnerable to sagging. Especially when the breasts have grown larger, then smaller again, the skin can become loose, allowing sagging to occur. This is common after pregnancy, or with large weight gain, and then loss.
  • Elongated breasts. The sagging or stretched skin can result in elongated breasts, the “rock in a sock” phenomenon.
  • Less firmness. Breasts that shift and move are common as you get older. They no longer are firm and stay in place.

Breasts lift resolve these issues. The breast tissue is raised, excess skin removed. This can help improved their firmness and shape. Many women opt to have an enhancement with their breast lift. A small addition of volume with an implant can help improve the firmness and shape that may have been lost over the years.

If you have any of the above issues and desire more youthful-appearing breasts, talk to an experienced plastic surgeon that specializes in breast lifts and enhancements. They can help you find the right procedure to improve the beauty of your breasts for more self-confidence in your appearance.

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