How Portrait Skin Regeneration Can Improve Your Skin

Published on: January 2, 2015 (Last modified on: February 26, 2019)

There are many skin treatments are available with the potential to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Many of these treatments are only temporary, though, in the fact that they do not improve the quality of your skin, only its appearance. Fortunately, a new skin treatment is available, called Portrait Skin Regeneration (PSR), which not only helps exfoliate old skin cells, but can also regenerate new skin and collagen. This new procedure offers more than a temporary fix for aging skin, giving it new life for months and years to come.

How Portrait PSR Works

The Portrait procedure is performed by using a medical device which targets puffs of nitrogen plasma energy to problem areas on a patient’s skin. This is not a laser, but a wand that’s held close to the skin without touching. There are two different levels of treatments typically offered, a lower dose and a higher dose:

  • ┬áLower dose. The lower dose level does one pass over the skin at a lower level of nitrogen. This procedure is for those with only fine lines or wrinkles. There is no down time with this level, with only a small amount of redness or skin flaking over the next few days.
  • Higher dose. For deeper wrinkles or sun damaged skin, a double pass at a higher dose of energy can be performed for more dramatic results. This procedure usually takes less than an hour; however, it will require up to a week of recovery, while the old skin peels away and reveals the new skin underneath.

Portrait PSR is a revolutionary new procedure that can take years of the appearance of your skin, while regenerating new, healthy skin. This treatment is available through quality medical spas and dermatology clinics that have been trained to perform this new and exciting procedure.

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