How to Improve Your Quality of Life with Spinal Decompression

Published on: February 11, 2018

The spine is a complicated system of the body which can impact many aspects of your health. The nerves that travel to your organs and limbs must have free space along the spine; the spine also helps you bend, twist and move your body. Unfortunately, the spine is also one of the first places to be affected by degeneration of tissues and bone by aging. One of the ways to help improve spine health and overall wellness is with spinal decompression.

Benefits of Spinal Decompression

The vertebrae discs in the spine are one of the components most affected from degeneration. The discs in the spine can become compressed and bulge, impacting the nerves that travel along the spinal column. This can cause pain and discomfort. Plus, as you age, your discs lose moisture content, making them less “spongy” to absorb shock between the vertebrae. Spinal decompression can help slow the degeneration process by:

  • Relieving stress and pressure on the discs
  • Increase moisture in the discs
  • Improve nutrient product in the spine for disc health

When spinal decompression is performed, it can help minimize bulging discs and improve their health. The benefit for you is less pain and discomfort from pressure on the nerves. It can also slow the aging process that can lead to serious spinal issues down the road, improving your quality of life for years to come.

If you have bulging discs or pain from nerve compression, consider contacting a chiropractor or spine specialist that offers spinal decompression. It can be a simple option to relieve your pain and improve your overall spine wellness.

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