Is Your Sports Injury Still Causing You Pain?

Published on: April 10, 2016

You see it all the time. A professional athlete such as a football player breaks a collar bone, sprains an ankle or cracks a rib and often only misses a game or two before they are back on the field. Of course, they are in peak physical condition, but how does that make them heal faster? On the other hand, you twisted your shoulder wrong two months ago playing backyard football and you are still in pain. So what do you need to do to get faster recovery like the professionals? You need physical sports therapy.

Those professional athletes are not magically healing using secret drugs administered by the team’s physician. Although they may have top doctors on their side, they also have sport physical therapists that are helping them recover quicker. Using specialized exercises and techniques, physical therapy can aid in helping reduce inflammation and pain while strengthening the injured area. It isn’t easy, but using these trained professionals can reduce recovery time and get players back on the field.

The same is true for amateur injuries. You may not be making millions of dollars playing ball, but you want to heal as quickly as possible when you are injured playing your favorite sport. Seeking physical therapy to help overcome a rotator cuff injury, ankle sprain or other injury can help reduce the pain and help you get a quicker, more complete recovery.

Don’t let a weekend sports injury take you out of the game for months. Call your local physical therapy clinic for an evaluation to get on the road to recovery. You’ll be back out playing at a high level before you know it.

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