Know Your Options for Orthopedic Injuries

Published on: August 9, 2016

Most people assume that if they have a severe orthopedic injury, the hospital emergency room is the best place to go for treatment. A broken arm or dislocation due to an accident or sports injury seems like a good time to head to the ER. While you may need immediate medical attention, your local hospital ER is not always the best option for handling your orthopedic injury.

Go Straight to the Experts

Did you know that there are orthopedic clinics that offer emergency or same day services for injuries? Instead of spending several hours in an emergency room, just to get referred to an orthopedic physician for treatment, why not go straight to the source? In many cases, a broken bone, dislocation or musculoskeletal trauma will need specialized care not available through an ER. Some of the benefits of going to a local orthopedic clinic for emergency care include:

  • Quicker care. Even with a walk-in appointment, you still may receive quicker care at an orthopedic clinic than the ER. Hospital emergency rooms are notoriously overcrowded and unstaffed.
  • Better treatment. Instead of only stabilizing your injury until you can see a specialist, you can begin getting the treatment you need right away. This can reduce your healing time.
  • Cost effective. Why pay the high cost of an emergency room visit, just to be referred to an orthopedic specialist? Save money by cutting out the middle man.

While no one plans for an orthopedic injury, it never hurts to know what options are available in your community for specialized care. Contact your local orthopedic clinics to find out whether they offer emergency care. Knowing what options are available could be valuable if you or a family member is injured in the future.

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