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Premier NYC Plastic Surgeon

Body and facial aesthetics can dictate how you live your life. If you lack confidence because of your physical appearance, cosmetic procedures can change that perception. Feeling good both inside and out is achievable with treatment from a premier NYC plastic surgeon.

Cosmetic enhancements can transform the appearance of your face, body and skin. Dr. Aviva Preminger offers a range of plastic surgery procedures and skincare products to help you achieve your goals at her NYC offices. We can create treatment plans to suit any skin or body type.

An Ivy League-educated and trained plastic surgeon, Dr. Preminger combines a wealth of professional experience with artistic flair to deliver excellence in results for her patients. With techniques that are designed to rejuvenate body and facial features, aesthetic outcomes look and feel natural.

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Patients are recommended to Dr. Preminger based on her extensive expertise in plastic and reconstructive surgeries. As a Harvard University and Cornell University Medical College graduate, she is passionate about exceeding expectations. Patients can look forward to working with one of the leading plastic surgeons in NYC.

Women and men can benefit from cosmetic procedures that range from skincare products to surgical options. Dr. Preminger offers several minimally-invasive solutions for rejuvenating the face and body. Patients can also avail of breast augmentation techniques to achieve that perfect beach body.

Skincare products that work to reduce the signs of aging are available from Dr. Preminger and her team of NYC beauty therapists. An extensive knowledge of different skin types and factors that contribute to aging makes Dr. Preminger an authority on recommending the most effective products to her patients.

Cosmetic Treatment Consultation, New York

When you know it is time for a change, taking the next step can feel daunting. At her NYC practice, Dr. Aviva Preminger offers an informal and relaxed consultation process. These appointments allow patients to discuss beauty goals with a world-renowned plastic surgeon and her team.

Call for an appointment with Dr. Preminger today if you want to explore the outcomes of cosmetic treatments in New York.

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Breast Augmentation
Ear Reshaping
Facial Fillers
Lip Augmentation
Mommy Make-Over
Scar Correction
Tummy Tuck
Upper Eyelid Blepharoplasty

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