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About Batash Endoscopic Weight Loss Center

Take control of your health and long-term weight loss with safe and effective tools and techniques from Batash Endoscopic Weight Loss Center. Dr. Steven Batash is one of the world’s leading specialists in non-surgical weight loss procedures. After an extensive medical education, Dr. Batash worked with some of the pioneers of non-surgical, endoscopic weight loss, learning and perfecting their techniques.

With over 30 years of experience serving patients in New York City and across the United States, Europe and South America, Dr. Batash is uniquely skilled and qualified to help patients needing long-term weight loss solutions without surgery. His skills and expertise have seen Dr. Batash featured on NBC News, ABC News and in USA Today.

Dr. Steven Batash – Endoscopic Weight Loss Specialist

With more than two out of every three adults in the United States being classified as overweight or obese, weight loss is a huge problem. For people with health conditions like diabetes, heart disease or high blood pressure, losing weight is even more important. But many of these people are not good candidates for weight loss surgery.

Dr. Steven Batash is a renowned specialist at using endoscopic, non-surgical weight loss procedures to help patients lose weight and keep it off. Endoscopic procedures insert a thin, flexible tube through a patient’s mouth and into the digestive tract. This tube is equipped with a tiny camera and can deliver devices or medications that limit how much the patient can eat.

Patients are put into a twilight sleep to minimize discomfort, and there are no surgical incisions. Endoscopic procedures for weight loss are generally more effective than surgery, and carry fewer risks and side effects. Dr. Batash spent years practicing with the pioneers of endoscopic procedures, learning to perfect these techniques.

Weight Loss Specialist in New York

The latest and most effective endoscopic weight loss options are available in New York City from world-renowned gastroenterologist Steven Batash, MD. Dr. Batash meets with every patient in a private consultation to discuss their weight loss goals, medical history, previous attempts at weight loss and more. Every patient receives a tailored weight loss treatment plan, and Dr. Batash recommends which endoscopic procedure would best suit the patient.

All Dr. Batash’s patients also receive nutritional counseling and more assistance post-procedure to help them achieve long-term weight loss and better health. For more information or to schedule a consultation in New York, contact Batash Endoscopic Weight Loss Center by phone or online.

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