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About Helm Nejad Stanley – Dentistry

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If you’d like to restore or improve your smile with a more conservative dental approach, choose the dental practice of Helm Nejad Stanley in Beverly Hills. We are a specialized team of dentists who bring unique training in biomimetic and holistic dentistry. Whether we are replacing missing teeth with dental implants or helping you avoid a crown and root canal after tooth damage, you can trust us to provide a cutting-edge dental experience that relies on safe and conservative treatments. Our dentists work hard to provide the premium results you deserve while preserving your natural teeth as much as possible. Using a careful blend of science, nature and artistry, we can provide restorative dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics and implant dentistry at our Beverly Hills office.

Biomimetic Natural Conservative Dentistry
Biomimetic dentistry is a unique and highly prized field of dentistry that values natural, conservative techniques to restore a patient’s smile. Our dentists have undergone world-class training and experience in biomimetic dentistry, and are thus considered leading holistic dentists in Beverly Hills.

Using biomimetic dentistry, we are able to help patients avoid invasive dental procedures or those that require the excessive removal of healthy tooth structure. We believe that we can give patients a more effective and much safer alternative when tooth damage occurs. Our dentists implement advanced adhesive techniques and use preferred composite filling material to seamlessly restore decayed or damaged teeth without the need for a crown or future root canal. Preserving your natural smile for as long as possible is always ideal at our practice.

To learn more about our conservative, state-of-the-art approach to dentistry in Beverly Hills, please call today. Dr. Helm, Dr. Nejad and Dr. Stanley are known for excellence in creating beautiful, confident smiles.

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