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About Regen Medical Management

Healthcare can be expensive, and finding the best doctors can be time consuming and frustrating. Employees without the proper healthcare benefits may experience more time away from work, hurting the productivity and profitability of your company. Regen Medical Management offers 24/7 emergency room treatment and private concierge services with VIP treatment for an annual membership fee in New York City. Your employees can experience better health, which provides numerous benefits for you as an employer.

NYC Corporate Concierge Care

Corporate concierge healthcare services can be tailored to meet the needs of your employees in New York City. Your employees can receive VIP emergency room treatment in a luxury facility open 24 hours with no appointments or wait times. Concierge services also include unlimited access to the highest quality physicians with annual physical exams, unlimited COVID testing, rapid imaging and lab tests along with exclusive perks from partners. Lab and test results are delivered the same day to ensure faster treatment and recovery.

Staff can bring medical expertise directly to your workplace for care and coordinate access to specialists, telemedicine visits and expedited pharmacy services. Members receive unrestricted access to doctors in a relaxed environment to ensure all medical needs are met. If you need a specialist, care can be coordinated from a network of providers to expedite your care. While private insurance is not accepted, staff can file and submit private insurance claims on your behalf for covered services.

VIP Facility Environment

The New York City facility of Regen Medical Management is located at 9 West 57th St. 29th Floor near Central Park. Everything you could need for your medical care is in one place, with a full operating room, on-site imaging and lab and expedited pharmacy services. Individuals receive care in a private suite with unrestricted access to high quality physicians and specialists. State-of-the-art equipment delivers accurate results on the same day to streamline our medical treatment.

Experience VIP Medical Treatment in NYC with Membership

VIP emergency room treatment can help you recover faster by eliminating long wait times and unrestricted access to physicians in New York City. Regen Medical Management can tailor treatment plans and membership services to help you save time and money. Call to enroll in a membership program today.

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9 West 57th St. 29th Floor
New York City, New York 10019

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