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A collapsed nose bridge due to anatomic deformity is called a saddle nose due to the shape. This nose deformity can change the appearance of the nose and alter the balance of a person’s face. Dr. Maurice Khosh is double board certified in facial plastic surgery in New York City, specializing in saddle nose repair. His expertise and knowledge have helped restore nose form and function for his patients with saddle nose deformities.

Saddle nose, also called a pug or boxer’s nose, occurs when the structure of the nose has been compromised, allowing the nasal bridge to collapse. This leaves the bridge concave and can result in other anatomic abnormalities. The nasal tip can be rotated upward, creating the “pug” appearance. The length of the nose can be shortened, and some patients experience breathing obstructions. Causes of saddle nose deformities include trauma, infection, disease and intranasal drug use that impact the cartilage and bone structure of the nose.

Surgical and Non-Surgical Saddle Nose Repair

Dr. Khosh offers both surgical and non-surgical repairs for those who have a saddle nose deformity. If the depression on the nasal bridge is minor and there are not any other deformities, non-surgical treatments like facial filler injections can help restore the shape of the nose. For more severe deformities or to correct the shape of the nose permanently, rhinoplasty and cartilage grafting are usually required. Dr. Khosh has the extensive skill and experience that is needed to perform nose reconstruction and reshaping to obtain a beautifully shaped nose that is also functional.

If you have a saddle nose deformity and want to explore your options for restoring the shape of your nose, contact the office of Dr. Maurice Khosh in Manhattan, NY. Dr. Khosh can examine your nose and explain the repair options available during a personalized consultation.




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