Published on: March 28, 2014

MiraDry is the trademark name for a specific treatment of axillary hyperhidrosis. Axillary hyperhidrosis, or excessive underarm sweat, is a medical condition in which a person’s body produces an excessive amount of sweat to cool the body. MiraDry is a non-invasive microwave based technology that has been used by doctors since 2011 to destroy overactive sweat glands in the underarms.

For some, excessive underarm sweating is more than an inconvenience, it is a condition that negatively effects their quality of life. Sweating can be incredibly embarrassing for people. Sweat stains clothing, making it a very expensive way to live for those who are frequently needing to be well dressed and in front of others. Excessive underarm sweating can complicate business and social interactions because people often notice excessive sweating and feel uncomfortable.

MiraDry is a laser treatment that has been designed to eliminate the sweat glands in the underarms. The procedure, typically done in a dermatologist’s office, takes about an hour; usually two treatments are recommended for best results. MiraDry was developed for those whose excessive sweating has hindered their social or professional life. In extreme cases, axillary hyperhidrosis makes it difficult for people to hold or grasp a pen/pencil because of the sweat that is produced running down their arms. For others, excessive sweating has broken personal and business relationships, and has made it difficult to move forward in other areas.

If you suffer from excessive underarm sweating, you do not have to live with this embarrassing condition any longer. Talk with your dermatologist about the MiraDry laser treatment to eliminate your overactive underarm sweat glands.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Jodi E. Ganz, Olansky Dermatology Associates


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