Myths About Naturopathic Doctors

There have been many misconceptions about naturopathic doctors and the treatments they offer over the years, many of them unfounded. Some people still believe the misinformation they have heard, even though there is plenty of evidence proving otherwise. Here are a few myths about NDs that still plague this field of medicine and healthcare.

NDs Are Not “Real” Doctors

Some people believe that anyone can call themselves a doctor, or just take a quick online course to get their degree. This is not true. To become a licensed ND in most states, a person must complete a doctorate program at an accredited institution and receive clinical training.

Traditional Medicine and Naturopathic Medicine Do Not Mix

Many people think that you must choose one or the other – traditional or naturopathic medicine. Many NDs work with MDs as part of a healthcare team for their patients. It is also unfounded that NDs are against pharmaceuticals – while they may have alternative treatments they recommend, most recognize that some medications are beneficial for certain health conditions.

Homeopaths/Naturopaths/NDs are All the Same

Naturopathic doctors may use homeopathic treatments and some people may refer to them as naturopaths, but these three terms are very different. Homeopaths only use homeopathic remedies, where this is only one area of treatment for NDs. The term “naturopath” can refer to anyone who works in natural medicine but does not necessarily mean they have a doctorate in natural medicine like an ND.

Naturopathic doctors can be primary physicians or part of a healthcare team and offer options for wellness that can help their patients lead healthier lives. If you want to learn more about naturopathic medicine and how it can help your health, visit an ND and find out for yourself the truth about holistic medicine.

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