Non-Surgical Treatment for Rotator Cuff Injuries

Published on: August 26, 2019
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The tendons that surround the shoulder joint and allow the large range of movement are referred to as the rotator cuff. When these tendons are injured, it can cause extreme pain and limit mobility of the shoulder and arm. Severe rotator cuff injuries can require surgery. However, if there are partial tears or strain of the tendons, there are non-surgical treatments that may be effective for healing these injuries.

Symptoms of Rotator Cuff Partial Tear or Strain

When you injure your rotator cuff, the symptoms can be painful. A strain or partial tear can lead to symptoms that make it difficult to sleep or move your arm as needed. Symptoms include:

  • Weakness when lifting the arm
  • Pain when resting/sleeping, especially when lying on the shoulder
  • Pain when lifting or moving the arm
  • Crackling or noises when moving the shoulder/arm

If you have these symptoms, it is important to see a physician to have your condition diagnosed. Some rotator cuff injuries can be serious and are unlikely to heal properly without the medical treatment.

Non-surgical Option for Healing Rotator Cuff Injuries

There are new innovative treatments for rotator cuff injuries like strains and partial tears that do not require surgery. One option is platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections into the area. PRP is derived from your own blood. A doctor can take your blood and filter it through a centrifuge to create PRP. When injected into the rotator cuff, PRP can help stimulate faster healing. PRP contains regenerative factors that promote tissue repair, offering quick and effective results for some rotator cuff injuries.

If you have a rotator cuff injury, schedule a consultation with a sport medicine clinic that offers PRP injections to determine if it is the right treatment for you.

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