Pain Relief From Sport Knee Injuries

Published on: January 2, 2015 (Last modified on: February 26, 2019)

The knee is one of the most common areas of injury for active people. Whether it’s cycling, hiking or team sports, the knee joint can suffer from various injuries which can cause pain and discomfort. Knee pain can hinder those who enjoy an active lifestyle from participating in the sports and activities they love. While some serious knee injuries may require surgical treatment, there are many other types of knee pain which can be remedied with a knee injection.

Treating Chronic Knee Pain With Injections

One way to relieve chronic knee pain is with the use of knee injection therapy. Often, the cause of the pain is due to inflammation in the joint, which can be relieved with the use of anesthetic and steroid injections. When performed by a sport physician or orthopedic specialist, these injections can confirm where they problem is and offer immediate, long-term knee pain relief.

Many sports medicine physicians use fluoroscopy techniques when treating chronic knee pain. This is an x-ray tool that allows the physician to see into a moving area of the body, such as the knee, to diagnose and treat the area with injections. The imaging tool gives them the visual input that is needed to correctly place the injections where they will be most beneficial to the patient.

Knee injections can give both immediate and long-term relief from pain, allowing patients to get back out and enjoy their life. These injections should only be performed by an experienced sports physician or orthopedic specialist to ensure that the patient does have a more severe knee injury requiring surgical or other medical treatment.

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