Pediatric Dermatology

Published on: July 17, 2014

If your child has a disease or condition that affects his or her skin, seeing a dermatologist who specializes in family and pediatric care is highly recommended. Pediatric dermatology specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases affecting infants, children, and adolescents (up to 18 years of age). Specific consideration is given to the development and changes of the skin as children grow and change.

Common skin conditions in infants and children are eczema, port wine stains (vascular malformations), and hemangiomas. Each of these conditions requires specialized care for the sensitive skin of infants and children. If you have a family dermatology office that you go to, ask about their services and care for pediatrics. For many children, seeing a doctor of any kind is scary; therefore, it is best to make sure that you choose a dermatologist who is sensitive to the needs and emotions of children and who has a very calm and friendly demeanor.

A pediatric dermatologist should provide a warm and caring environment in order to help children feel comfortable coming in for a visit. Children with skin conditions can be very anxious about how the doctor will touch their skin and what they will “do” to them. Dermatologists with a specialty in pediatric skin conditions are equipped with the knowledge and specialized care of children’s skin. Identifying and caring for the problem right away can help treatment work more quickly and more effectively.

Put your child’s needs first when choosing a pediatric dermatologist. By getting the best skin care and treatments from an early age, children can enjoy being children without worrying about their skin.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Jodi E. Ganz, Olansky Dermatology Associates


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