Post-Pregnancy Fat Loss with Laser Body Sculpting

For many women, losing excess fat gained during pregnancy can be a challenge, especially in the abdomen. Even with diet and exercise, there can be trouble spots that are resistant to fat loss. Having a child is a beautiful experience, but it is understandable to want your pre-pregnancy body back. One option to lose those extra pounds of fat on the abdomen without surgery is laser body sculpting.

How Does Laser Body Sculpting Work?

Fat cells can expand and retract, but they do not go away. The problem with these cells is that even if you lose the fat inside them, they are always there, waiting to be refilled. Liposuction can remove these cells, but it is an invasive and expensive procedure that requires recovery and downtime. Laser body sculpting is another option, without surgery and no downtime.

SculpSure body sculpting treatment uses laser technology to help dissolve unwanted pockets of fat. This revolutionary treatment can be performed in about 30 minutes and is not painful. The method uses light energy to heat the fat cells and help improve the loss of fat in these targeted areas. The heat allows the fat to be released and burned, but the cells are permanently damaged so they will not continue to store fat. They will not regenerate, so the fat cells are non-functional for good.

This treatment is perfect for post-pregnancy women and others that have trouble areas that are stubborn when it comes to fat loss. Results can typically be noticed within six weeks and full results with three months. Since it is perfect for post-pregnancy fat loss, some quality OB/GYN clinics offer this service to their patients who are struggling to regain their pre-pregnancy body.

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