Are Skin Laser Treatments for You?

You work hard to look your best, but no one can completely stop the aging process on your skin. Even if you eat right, exercise and use quality products to care for your skin, eventually you will still see the signs of age show up on your skin. While you may not be ready to seek invasive cosmetic procedures to repair age damage to your skin, there are options to proactively improve the youthful appearance of your skin. Laser treatments such as Clear + Brilliant might be just the right option to keep your skin looking its best as you grow older.

What Is Clear + Brilliant?

There are many laser skin treatment options available for fighting aging and skin imperfections. However, Clear + Brilliant is meant to be a gentle, affordable option for those just beginning to see the signs of aging on their skin or those wanting to prevent aging. These treatments only require a small time investment, usually around ten to twenty minutes per treatment, with most patients getting four to six treatments. A study of patients who received Clear + Brilliant treatments revealed that 92% of the patients saw a noticeable difference in their skin after their series of treatments.

If you are looking for a non-invasive option to proactively fight the signs of aging, Clear + Brilliant might be the right laser treatment for you. Other options for more dramatic results include Fraxel, a more intense laser treatment for those who have lines, age spots or other skin imperfections. To find out whether procedures like Clear + Brilliant are right for you, schedule a consultation with your local dermatology clinic that offer laser treatments.

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