Top 3 Natural Ways to Fight Depression

Depression is not just feeling sad – it is a medical condition that affects your emotional, mental and physical health. Those that suffer from depression can be unable to enjoy their life, finding it hard to go to work or care for their families. Anti-depressant drugs are quickly prescribed for those with depression, but they can have damaging side effects. Another option is to seek natural options to fight depression – here are the three top natural options.

  1. Diet changes. What you eat, or don’t eat, can affect your mood, energy levels and other symptoms of depression. Often a nutrient deficiency or food sensitivity can be the cause of many issues related to depression. Getting tested for nutrient levels or sensitivities/allergies and changing your diet can help alleviate depression.
  2. Hormonal therapy. In some cases, hormonal imbalance is to blame for depression. Using hormone therapy can be beneficial for those who have this issue. Bioidentical hormones and other hormonal supplements can balance the hormone levels that impact mood, energy and other biological factors of depression.
  3. Increased serotonin uptake. Neurotransmitters are often blamed for depression, which is what anti-depressant drugs focus on. However, there are natural treatments using supplements and lifestyle changes that can have similar effects to anti-depressant medications, helping improve serotonin uptake.

Although these are natural options for fighting depression, they still require testing, evaluation and treatment from a physician. A naturopathic doctor or ND can explore the underlying causes of depression, providing the necessary testing and treatment to help alleviate the symptoms and get relief. If you are suffering from depression and want to explore natural treatment options, schedule a consultation with a ND in your area.

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