Types of Facial Reconstructive Surgery

Published on: November 30, 2017

Not all facial cosmetic surgery is for beauty or aesthetics alone. Plastic surgery can correct deformities that are caused from disease, trauma and other factors that change the features on the face. Facial reconstructive surgery is used to mitigate damage to the face, which can give patients more self-confidence about their appearance and often improve the function of some of their facial features. Here are some of the common reasons reconstructive surgery is needed on the face.


Severe auto accidents and other types of trauma can leave victims with many scars and changes to their facial appearance. Reconstructive surgery can be used to minimize the appearance of scars, reconstruct the nose, replace lost tissue, complete skin grafts and perform many other enhancements to give victims back the face they lost due to trauma.

Skin Cancer

Mohs surgery can be an effective treatment to remove skin cancer cells; it can also disfigure a person’s face when it is needed on the facial region. A facial plastic surgeon can repair the damage done to the skin after the Mohs surgery is performed. Skin grafts and other techniques can minimize the scarring and reduce the impact of lost skin/tissue. 

Facial Paralysis

When part of the face is paralyzed due to trauma, Bell’s Palsy, stroke or other causes, it can change the look and function of the facial features. Reconstructive facial surgery can give back a symmetrical appearance for victims of facial paralysis. This can help with their self-confidence, but it can also impact function for speaking, chewing and drinking.

Facial reconstructive surgery can have many benefits and can be used in a variety of situations where the face has been distorted due to trauma or disease. For the patients that undergo these surgeries, it can give them a higher quality of life and a sense of confidence in their appearance.

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