What Cosmetic Treatments Can Remove Eye Bags?

Published on: June 7, 2018

Depressions or droopy tissue under the eyes can create the appearance of eye bags, which can make you appear older, sad and tired. Often this occurs when the skin and tissue under the eyes sag, or the fat in the upper cheek droops or dissipates. Whatever the cause, eye bags are not a desirable trait for men or women, impacting how energetic and youthful they appear. However, there are cosmetic treatments that can be performed to diminish eye bags to make you look younger, awake and happier.

Non-Surgical Treatment for Eye Bags

One of the most popular options for non-surgical treatment of eye bags is dermal fillers. When fat is lost in the upper cheeks, it can create hollows under the eyes. Adding a filler to give volume to the upper cheeks can improve the appearance of eye bags for a more youthful look. Other options include skin tightening or collagen enhancing treatments that can help improve the elasticity of the skin and give a slight lift under the eye.

Plastic Surgery for Eye Bags

A permanent solution for eye bags can be blepharoplasty or a lower eyelid lift. In this procedure, excess fat and skin can be removed from under the eye and the skin can be elevated. If cheek volume loss is the cause of eye bags, a cheek implant can also reduce under-eye dark circles or hollows.

If you have eye bags you want gone, contact your local facial plastic surgeon to explore the different options. Your plastic surgeon can discuss both surgical and non-surgical procedures to determine which is the right choice to give you the youthful, energetic appearance you desire.

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