Ways to Prevent Acne

Published on: July 19, 2017

Acne can be a teen’s nightmare, during those shaping, and ever changing adolescent years. It can be even more frustrating to get as an adult, when you thought everything was supposed to clear up. Instead of trying the latest fad to try to clear it up, go with a sure thing and talk to your licensed dermatologist. They have been professionally trained to deal with acne and have all kinds of tools and remedies to help you overcome acne and prevent acne scars or permanent spots.

Facial Cleanser. Sometimes it’s as simple as finding the right cleanser for your skin. Everyone is different, so there is not a one-size-fits-all cleanser. Your dermatologist can recommend and/or prescribe the perfect cleanser to cleanse your face of impurities.

Chemical Peel. Maybe your skin just needs a reset. A chemical peel will exfoliate your skin and give it that new skin glow. Having a chemical peel done in your dermatology office, will ensure that you are receiving the best medical care to help your skin heal be cleansed and heal properly.

Laser or Light therapy. If you want to avoid prescription treatments for your acne, light therapy might be the way for you to go. The blue light helps eliminate bacteria and causes the oil glands to shrink. Getting light therapy in your dermatologist’s office can make sure the acne treatment is effective and can even shorten the therapy time.

Make an appointment to meet with your dermatologist. They will give you their professional opinion and be knowledgeable to know what will be best to make your skin clear again. They want you to walk out with glowing smile and a solution that works.

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