When Can Endoscopic Surgery be Used for Back Problems?

Back Surgery

Back surgery is typically the last resort of medical procedures for back pain. When physical therapy, inflammation reduction and other methods of reducing back pain and improving mobility do not work, surgery is considered. However, open back surgery can have risks and require extensive recovery. Another option is endoscopic surgery, reducing the risks while often accomplishing the same results.

Endoscopic Surgery for Back Issues

There are still some back problems that require open back surgery. When reconstruction of vertebrae or hardware must be used to stabilize the spine, a larger access point is needed to complete the task. However, many other back issues can be remedied with endoscopic back surgery, offering a smaller incision, fewer risks and quicker recovery. Some include:

  • Endoscopic discectomy. This procedure can be used to treat a herniated or protruding disc, reducing the pressure on the surrounding tissues.
  • Endoscopic foraminotomy. Using an endoscope, fluoroscope and specialized tools, this procedure can remove bone spurs and other protrusions pressing on nerves.
  • Endoscopic laminectomy. Spinal stenosis can cause neck or back pain – this outpatient procedure can offer a minimally-invasive option to treat this condition.
  • Endoscopic surgical stabilization. It is not always necessary to complete a open spine fusion surgery for stabilization – endoscopic options can reduce risks and shorten recovery time.

When conservative treatment for back problems are not effective, surgery may be the only solution to offer relief. However, it is worth discussing whether endoscopic surgery is an option versus undergoing open back surgery. Talk to a spinal specialist that offers “band aid’ or endoscopic surgeries for common back issues like herniated discs, spinal stenosis and pinched nerves. It may be a less invasive option to give relief.

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