Who is a Good Candidate for Otoplasty?

Ear Surgery

Plastic ear surgery or otoplasty is used to change the shape, size or position of the ears. The ears are an important feature that affect the appearance of the face – otoplasty can help balance the look of the ears with the rest of the head and facial features. Otoplasty can be performed once the ears are close to full size, which is usually around age five or six.

Both children and adults can undergo otoplasty. Parent may decide to change the shape or position of a child’s ears if they believe it will improve their appearance and self-confidence. Candidates for otoplasty include those with the following ear issues:

  • Protruding ears. The most common type of otoplasty is ear pinning to address protruding ears. This procedure brings the outer ear closer to the head to reduce “Dumbo” ears.
  • Ear extension. Some people are born with ears too close to the head. Otoplasty can extend the ears away from the scalp for a more balanced appearance.
  • Large ears. Ears that seem over-sized compared to the head can be reduced through otoplasty to match the rest of the features.
  • Small ears. When ears are too small, they can also seem out of place. Ear augmentation is a type of otoplasty that adds size or changes the shape of the ears for cosmetic purposes. This usually involves cartilage grafting to change the size and shape of the ears.

If you or your child have misshaped or differently-sized ears, otoplasty may be right for you. Contact a plastic surgeon that specializes in otoplasty to determine if you or your child are a good candidate for otoplasty.

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