4 Tips on How to Ease Anxiety Before Your OB/GYN Visit

Published on: July 25, 2018

Visiting your OB/GYN for your annual exam is a part of your preventive care and wellness program.

However, the intimate nature of this exam can make it uncomfortable for some women. It can help to know that the doctor is not there to judge you and they perform these exams every day, but if that is not enough to relieve your anxiety, consider these four tips.

  1. Shower before you go. Being clean can help you feel less self-conscious during this intimate exam. A quick shower right before your exam can ensure you will be nice and fresh. However, avoid any internal cleansing like douching – it can change the PH balance of the vagina.
  2. Bring a friend. It is okay to want a friendly face nearby, especially if you are seeing a new doctor. Bring a friend that will help keep you calm, even hold your hand or talk to you if needed during the exam.
  3. Plan for your relaxation. You need to relax during the exam or it will only be more uncomfortable. Plan in your head how you will relax during the exam. Think of a story you can tell your doctor or think of a song you can sing inside your head, keeping your mind busy during the few minutes of the pelvic exam.
  4. Talk to your doctor. Explain your nervousness to your doctor – they handle patients with similar anxiety and can help you feel at ease. For severe anxiety, there may be medications that can help you relax.

Your OB/GYN visits are important and can be a vital component of your preventive care and reproductive health. Use these tips to help you feel more comfortable and relaxed during your visits.

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