5 Ways to Look Younger This Year

Published on: April 10, 2016

You can’t stop time from moving on, often leave the signs of the years on your face. While growing older is inevitable, you don’t have to live with many of the lines and wrinkles that begin to appear around your eyes, mouth and on your forehead. There are simple cosmetic procedures that can help your skin look more youthful and rejuvenate your face, often without need for surgery. Here are 5 non-surgical procedures to look younger this year with the help of a cosmetic surgeon. 

  1. Chemical peel. A chemical peel is one of the most effective ways to improve the look of your skin. A chemical peel can remove dark spots, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and give your skin a healthy glow.
  2. Botox. Botox injections are perfect to remove the etched lines between your brows that can make you look tired, grumpy and older.
  3. Facial fillers. Often you can look older due to losing the youthful fat under the skin. Facial fillers can plump your skin, reducing bags under your eyes and reducing the appearances of lines.
  4. Dermabrasion. You can uncover the more youthful layers of your skin through dermabrasion, revealing smoother skin with fewer scars, lines or wrinkles.
  5. Laser skin resurfacing. Using laser skin resurfacing is an effective procedure for rejuvenating the skin surface, promoting collagen production, reducing dark spots and evening skin tone.

Most of these non-surgical procedures can be performed in less than an hour with an experienced facial plastic surgeon and have very little recovery or downtime. In an afternoon, you can take years off your face with the help of a trained cosmetic surgeon. Call for a professional consult to find out which procedure or combination of options will be the best choices to help you look younger this year.

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