Skin Rejuvenation

Published on: October 11, 2013

In today’s world, appearance is everything and while everyone ages, imagine being able to have a more youthful appearance without the need to undergo invasive surgery.  Skin rejuvenation is one of the most popular procedures that plastic surgeons are performing everyday in their offices.  The techniques used in skin rejuvenation range from topical therapies to more complex resurfacing procedures, depending upon the patient’s goals.

In addition to improving overall skin health, the topical therapies available build collagen, which reduces superficial wrinkles.  In addition they improve or eliminate hyperpigmentation and brown spots, as well as hydrating and exfoliation of the skin.  More complex resurfacing therapies, which are minimally invasive, include superficial rejuvenation using mild chemical peels.

These peels typically reduce hyperpigmentation such as sunspots and melasma, while building collagen.  Medium and deep rejuvenation, which is used to address deeper wrinkles and deeper facial blemishes, is usually performed with various types of laser therapy, chemical peels and dermabrasion.  All of these rejuvenation techniques can be used on all areas of the face including the cheeks, chin, eyes or mouth.

The recovery time for skin rejuvenation procedures varies from patient to patient and depending upon the depth of the rejuvenation procedure.  As one would expect, the results of a medium or deep rejuvenation are much more dramatic than the results of a superficial procedure, but the recovery time is longer.  In most cases all patients are able to fully resume their daily activities within a few days with people wondering why they look younger!

Posted on behalf of Benjamin Stong MD, Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery, LLC


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