Why You Should Add a ND to Your Healthcare Team

Many people believe that naturopathic doctors or NDs are separate from other types of medical or healthcare professionals. While they are specialists, NDs can be a cohesive part of your healthcare team, not just an alternative to western medical care. Having an ND as a member of your healthcare team can have many advantages, helping you achieve better overall health.

What Makes Naturopathic Care Valuable?

Your medical doctors and specialists have value when it comes to caring for your health. If you have a medical emergency or chronic health condition, they have treatment and surgical options that can benefit your health. However, naturopathic care also has value and can give you more options in managing your health. Some of the traits that make naturopathic care beneficial include:

  • ND look for causes of chronic health issues, versus just treating the symptoms
  • Naturopathic care can offer natural options to control chronic conditions, such as diet changes, hormonal therapy and natural supplements
  • NDs work with your existing treatments from other healthcare providers
  • Naturopathic medicine focuses on nutritional, lifestyle and preventive measures that can improve your overall health, as well as treat specific health concerns

Seeing an ND does not mean you will not need other medical professionals. Instead, they should a part of your healthcare team, a valuable member that can offer other insights to help improve your health. NDs are especially beneficial for chronic diseases, like high blood pressure, fibromyalgia, food allergies, fatigue, diabetes and many other illnesses that need ongoing treatments or management.

For improved health and more options in managing chronic health conditions, consider adding a naturopathic doctor to your health care team.

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