Benefits of Using an IUD for Contraception

Published on: February 19, 2019

There are many options when in comes to birth control, each with their own advantages. Intrauterine devices or IUDs are one of the oldest modern methods of contraception, yet they are still an excellent choice for many women. For those wanting a long-term contraceptive without the need for daily pills, shots or implants, an IUD can be a good option. There are even IUDs that do not use hormones for those who have medical issues that make using hormonal birth control impossible. Here are some of the benefits of using an IUD:

  • Convenience. No more taking pills daily – once an IUD is in place, it is 99% effective for preventing pregnancy for as long as it is used, up to 12 years for certain types of devices. You never need to worry about forgetting to take a pill or go in for a shot – it will work until it is removed.
  • Non-hormonal choices. The copper IUD does not use hormones like some of the pill, shots, implants and other IUD options, giving those who cannot use hormones for contraceptive a long-term choice.
  • Pregnancy is still possible. Once the IUD is removed, you can still conceive. The IUD can be used for years, but when you are ready to get pregnant, it is a simple office visit to your OB/GYN to have the device removed and begin planning a family.

If you want an effective birth control method that does not require ongoing maintenance, the IUD may be right for you. To learn more about the different options available, contact your local OB/GYN to schedule an exam and contraceptive consultation.

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