Lip Lift Versus Lip Fillers

Published on: May 25, 2017

A beautiful smile starts with full, proportionate lips. Whether it is a smirk, pucker or full-tooth smile, your lips are an important part of your expression. Those who were born with thin lips or have lost volume as they aged may desire fuller, plumper lips. Others want to change the shape, texture or position of their lips. Both lip lifts and lip fillers can be used to transform your smile, but which is best for your needs?

Lip Lifts

For those looking for a permanent change to the appearance of their lips, a lift procedure is the best option. While fillers can enhance thin or wrinkled lips, the effects are temporary. A lip lift can usually be done with local anesthesia, making it a minor surgery. There are different types of lip lifts to address a variety of issues.

A lip lift can help improve the fullness of the lips; it can also be used to add in more pronounced Cupid’s bow, improve teeth show, upturn the corners of the mouth and shorten the length between the top lip and nose. This procedure can offer a more customized solution to creating the lips you have always wanted.

Lip Fillers

For those wanting to experiment with improving the volume of their lips, fillers are an affordable and quick option. Within one office visit, fillers can be used to plump lips for a more sensual, youthful pout. However, this is not the best option for those looking to change the shape of their lips or for a permanent solution.

Not sure which lip cosmetic procedure is best for you? Consult a cosmetic surgeon that offers both lip lifts and lip fillers to determine the best option to get the results you desire.

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