Moisturizing Benefits

Published on: October 12, 2014

As temperatures begin to change here in late September and the humidity begins to lessen, the skin can suffer from major effects of these changes. As the days and nights begin to get cooler, the skin needs moisture added back into it to combat the dryness of the air. Eczema flares become very common during season changes as their dry, scaly patches become more irritated with a dryer atmosphere. The key to battle these seasonal changes from causing havoc to dry skin is to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

Moisturizers put the hydration back into the skin. Many people have a predisposition or the genetics for dryer skin. Others may work in a profession (such as physicians or those working with children) that requires frequent washing, which leads to the skin drying out. And for everyone, age plays a role. As people age, their skin loses the ability to retain moisture and dries out much faster than youthful skin.

Choosing a moisturizer and when to moisturize are two very important things to consider when battling dry skin. Patting the body dry instead of rubbing the skin dry after showering or bathing and then putting on a moisturizer is incredibly beneficial. The skin already has moisture from the water, the pores of the skin have opened up from the heat of the shower or bath, and the skin is at its peek for absorbing moisturizers. Choosing a fragrance free and hypo-allergenic moisturizing cream or lotion is also important, especially for sensitive skin or those with eczema. Applying moisturizers liberally will allow the entire body to benefit.

For help choosing the proper moisturizer for your skin type, contact your dermatologist today to see what s/he recommends.

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