Plastic Surgery for Forehead Osteoma Removal


Forehead osteomas are a common occurrence in both children and adults. These are boney tumors that protrude, growing on the bone structure of the forehead, often between the hairline and eyebrows. These are usually benign tumors and do not pose a health risk for most people. However, they can be distracting and aesthetically displeasing for some people. A facial plastic surgeon can remove these growths for a smooth appearance of the forehead.

Some people are born with a forehead osteoma; others may have one appear as an adult. There is no known cause of these growths, but they are thought to have a hereditary link. In most cases, they do not cause any discomfort, but some people can have symptoms of headaches or pain associated with their osteoma. Removal can relieve any discomfort or pressure, but most people decide to have osteoma removal surgery performed for cosmetic reasons.

Performing Forhead Osteoma Removal

Experienced facial plastic surgeons can perform osteoma removal with minimal scarring. The procedure involves using a small incision near the hairline to access the osteoma under the skin and tissue, shaving the boney tumor and removing it. The scar is often unnoticeable due to its location, and the surface of the forehead is unmarred by the surgery. While there is some swelling or bruising that may appear, the surgical site quickly heals and there is little evidence of the surgery.

If you or your child have a forehead osteoma you want removed, consult a facial plastic surgeon that performs this procedure. This surgery can often be performed using endoscopic techniques which are minimally invasive and reduce the recovery and downtime needed.