What Is the PRP Hair Treatment Success Rate?

A man with dark hair and beard receiving PRP treatment for hair loss.

Are you experiencing receding or thinning hair? One of the innovative and cutting-edge hair loss treatments is the use of platelet-rich plasma, or PRP. If you are considering hair loss treatments, you want to choose a procedure that will obtain the results you desire. If you are wondering about the PRP hair treatment success rate, how this procedure works and “Is there a PRP hair specialist near me?” here is what you need to know about this non-invasive procedure.

Thinning hair can occur for a variety of reasons. Aging, genetics, hormonal changes, nutrition and disease can all play a part in hair loss. Stimulating and rejuvenating the hair follicles can impact hair growth, regardless of the cause of hair loss. Many men and women with receding or thinning hair want to try non-invasive hair treatments to increase the thickness of their hair for improved appearance and self-confidence. PRP hair treatments are one of the options available that can be successful in rejuvenating hair growth.

What Are PRP Hair Treatments?

Your blood contains many healing and tissue repair elements that can be delivered to cells when they are damaged to stimulate rejuvenation. Platelets are one of the key components in healing damaged tissue. Platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, is created by a medical professional removing a sample of your own blood and filtering it through a centrifuge to remove the platelets. This is a concentrated solution of platelets and growth factors that can be delivered directly to specific areas through injection, including hair follicles.

PRP hair treatments use the natural healing abilities of platelets to stimulate repair of damaged hair follicles. The injections can be performed in an office setting and there is no downtime or recovery needed. This treatment can stimulate repair of the follicles and may be effective with increasing hair growth in some people. In most cases, multiple PRP hair treatments are recommended to obtain the best results. PRP treatments can be used on their own and are used in combination with hair transplant surgery or other hair loss procedures.

One of the benefits of PRP hair loss treatments is that they are very safe and use your own biological factors to improve hair growth. There are no negative side effects from PRP injections – the platelets used are from your own body. It is one of the least invasive options to improve hair growth without medication or surgery.

PRP Hair Treatment Success Rate

Do PRP hair treatments help with hair loss? In most cases, it can slow hair loss and impact regrowth. Dozens of medical research studies have been performed on the use of PRP hair treatments for men and women with hair loss. While the results vary, about 70% of patients do experience positive effects from the PRP treatments. Many patients are able to regain a 30-40% increased hair growth with ongoing treatment. Overall, the PRP hair treatment success rate is very good, and the procedure is worth exploring for those with hair loss.

It is important to note when looking at PRP hair treatment success rates that this is not usually a one-time or stand-alone treatment. Many patients are using multiple hair loss treatments, which may include nutritional supplements, medications, hormone therapy or surgical procedures. Also, to maintain the results, patients usually will need to continue using PRP scalp injections. The success rate can depend on using a combination of hair loss treatments your doctor suggests for your specific hair loss issue.
A happy middle-aged woman checking her hairline after PRP therapy for hair loss.

PRP Hair Loss Specialist Near Me

Are you considering PRP hair treatments and want to find a hair loss specialist near you? There are many different medical professionals that offer PRP hair treatments. Plastic surgeons, dermatologists and other medical practitioners may be considered hair loss specialists and offer PRP treatments. PRP injections are not only used for hair loss but are also used in skin rejuvenation and repair treatments.

To find a hair loss specialist near you that offers PRP treatments, you can perform a search online to review professionals in your area. You want to find a reputable doctor or licensed medical professional. You can look at patient reviews and visit the practitioner’s website to learn more about their PRP hair treatment success rate and credentials. You want to find a doctor or practitioner that has extensive experience as a hair loss specialist.

If you are self-conscious due to thinning hair, there are solutions available to help you improve your hair appearance and confidence. The PRP hair treatment success rate is fairly high – it is also safe and minimally-invasive. It is worth considering as a treatment option if you want to limit hair loss and improving new hair growth. To find out more about PRP injections for hair loss, contact a hair loss specialist near you to schedule a hair loss treatment consultation.

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