What to do About that Embarrassing Tattoo

Published on: November 25, 2016

Are you trying to hide a tattoo that you regret? It is becoming more and more common to find people that have an image on their body that they wish they wouldn’t have put on their skin. Everyone makes mistakes; however, a tattoo is one that everyone can see, making it even worse. Sometimes it is not the tattoo that was the mistake, but the choice of the artist that created it. The good news is that although tattoos are meant to be permanent, they don’t need to be. With the help of an experienced dermatologist, you can finally erase that mistake and leave it in your past.

Tattoo Removal Options

When it comes to tattoo removal, you will most likely spend more time removing your tattoo than it took to get it in the first place. However, if your tattoo is making your life uncomfortable, then it is worth the time and money to have it removed. There are two main options to permanently remove tattoos: laser treatment and surgery.

  • Laser tattoo removal. There are a few different laser treatments that can effectively remove a tattoo. One of the best options is a Cool Glide Laser. This method usually requires four or five sessions to remove most tattoos.
  • Surgical removal. For immediate removal of a tattoo, surgical options are available. Although the area will need to heal, the tattoo can be removed in one or two stages. This is not an option for all tattoos, as it will depend on the size and placement.

If you are ready to erase that embarrassing tattoo, call your local dermatologist office that offers professional tattoo removal. You don’t need to live with a reminder of one poor decision any longer.

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