Breast Lifts Versus Augmentation

Published on: September 8, 2015

For many women, the size or shape of their breasts can diminish their self-confidence. Whether genetics provided them with smaller breasts or age has changed the shape of their breasts, there are cosmetic surgery options to give them the breasts they desire. Both breast lifts and augmentation are procedures that can enhance the appearance of the breasts and give these women confidence in their body they desire. However, there is a big difference between the two operations. Here are the basics on each procedure:

  • Breast Lifts. If a woman is happy with the size of her breasts, but wants more them to be in a higher, more youthful position, a breast lift may be the right solution. Breasts can begin to sag as a woman ages from gravity, weight changes and pregnancy. A lift removes any sagging skin and places the breasts higher on the chest.
  • Breast Augmentation. For those with smaller or odd shaped breasts, augmentation can give them the size and shape they have always wanted. It is not always the goal to have large breasts, but instead have breasts that are proportionate to their bodies in a flattering shape. There are many options in both shape and size when it comes to augmentation.

Choosing to change the size, shape or position of her breasts is a very personal decision for a woman. It is also up to their personal preference which procedure, a lift or an augmentation, will be the best fit for them. The first step is to have a consultation with a plastic surgeon that specializes in breast enhancement to determine which procedure will get the results they desire.

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