Can Rhinoplasty Help with Breathing Problems?

Published on: June 7, 2018

For many decades rhinoplasty or the “nose job” have been one of the most popular plastic surgeries in the U.S.  The nose can have such a major impact on the appearance of the face – simply changing the shape of this central feature can have a dramatic effect on all the other features. While rhinoplasty is great for cosmetic enhancement, there are many people who also have nasal issues that can impact their breathing. The question is, if you have rhinoplasty, can it also improve your breathing issues?

Addressing Nasal Breathing Issues with a Nose Job

While it is not necessary to change the cosmetic appearance of the nose to surgically repair nasal breathing issues, it can often be done during the same procedure. Many plastic surgeons who specialize in rhinoplasty also perform nasal reconstruction surgeries and other medically-needed surgeries on the nose. This means that while they are changing the shape of the nose, they can also fix blockages and other issues in the nasal passages to enhance breathing. However, it is recommended you find a plastic surgeon that has performed these types of dual-nose jobs before with excellent results.

The benefit of having both issues addressed at the same time is less recovery and downtime. Most patients will have the same amount of recovery time whether they have rhinoplasty, nasal surgery or both. If you have nasal breathing problems you want fixed, but also want to change the shape of your nose, talk to a plastic surgeon that offers both procedures. In many cases, they can do both surgeries at the same time, giving you a functional, beautiful new nose all in one surgery.

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