Do Frownies Work for Wrinkle Reduction?

Published on: August 6, 2020 (Last modified on: July 14, 2023)
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For over 100 years, there has been a wrinkle reduction method in bedrooms all around the world. Frownies are a non-invasive method for smoothing skin and flattening lines, usually used while you sleep. These skin patches are making a comeback as a way to smooth wrinkles without more invasive treatments. The question is, do frownies work for wrinkle reduction?

What Are Frownies?

Frownies are facial patches like Wrinkles Schminkles® that are worn on the skin to smooth out lines and wrinkles. These patches are made in various sizes and shapes to address different areas on the face, including the forehead, between the eyebrows, outside the eyes and around the lips. They are also called wrinkle tape or wrinkle patches – there are many different brands of this product, including the original Frownies brand that has been around since 1889.

How Do Frownies Work?

The idea behind frownies is to flatten and stretch the skin for several hours a day to “retrain” the facial skin and muscles. The patches are stiff and adhere to the skin.

These patches or tape do not contain any active ingredients, they are simply devices used to pull the skin and muscles flat. The recommendation by suppliers is to wear the patches every night or for a few hours a day for 30 consecutive days to obtain the best frownies results. For long term effects, the patches need to be used a few times each week to maintain results.

Do Frownies Work?

Wrinkles appear on the skin due to a change in the elasticity and collagen levels as you age. Forehead lines, frown lines, crow’s feet and smile lines all appear from muscle movement and loss of skin elasticity. Frownies facial patches are designed to stretch the skin, smoothing the wrinkles, like pulling fabric tight. The patches also restrict facial muscle movement to retrain the muscles to lie flat and move less to reduce dynamic lines or wrinkles.

When frownies or wrinkle tape are first removed after several hours, even after one use, the skin does appear smoother. Wrinkles and lines can be diminished in appearance. However, as the day progresses, the lines and wrinkles reappear. It is similar to ironing a pair of pants – they look crisp and wrinkle-free in the morning, but after you wear them for a few hours, the lines and wrinkles come back.

The skin has not changed – it is still thinner and less elastic than it was when it was younger, resulting in lines and wrinkles.

While frownies do not permanently remove wrinkles or lines, many people report having long-term benefits from using these patches. Since the wrinkle tape and patches restrict facial movements that causes lines and wrinkles, wearing the product regularly can help train the muscles. If you do not scrunch your forehead or eyebrows, fewer dynamic or frown lines will appear. This can help slow lines and wrinkles from forming.
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Pros and Cons of Frownies

There are pros and cons of using frownies for wrinkles reduction. The pros of using wrinkle tape or patches include:

  • Inexpensive
  • Treatments can be done at home
  • No risks
  • No downtime
  • Immediate and long-term results

Frownies can help smooth skin, especially for short periods of time, and with regular use may slow the formation of lines and wrinkles. However, wrinkle tape does not impact the elasticity or health of skin. Some of the cons of frownies compared to many other skin treatments:

  • Does not improve skin elasticity
  • Does not increase collagen or elastin in the skin
  • Wrinkles and lines increase during the day
  • Does not address other aging-skin issues
  • Treatments need to be done 3-4 times a week

While wrinkles patches and tape are not invasive and are inexpensive, they do not change the skin. The muscles can be trained to move less, but the skin still will lose collagen and elasticity.

There are other skin treatments to reduce wrinkles or lines that can last longer and have other anti-aging effects. Laser therapies, chemical peels and other forms of collagen induction can result in smoother skin with less wrinkles. The downside is these skin treatments require the expertise of a dermatologist or plastic surgeon and have a higher cost.

How To Remove Frownies?

  • Carefully pull the frownies away from the skin: To remove the frownies, gently peel them away from the skin. Pulling them off with force can cause skin harm.
  • When you’ve removed the frownies, use a warm, wet washcloth to gently wipe away any residue.
    This will also aid in the opening of your pores.After removing the frownies, apply a good quality moisturizer to the affected region to keep your skin hydrated.
  • Employ anti-wrinkle creams: Anti-wrinkle creams that contain retinol or other active compounds that assist to diminish the appearance of wrinkles can also be used.

Should You Add Frownies to Your Face Regimen?

Frownies can be a great way DIY to minimize wrinkles and lines at home. There is little risk and the product is not expensive. There is no harm to adding frownies to your routine or regimen but be aware of what wrinkle patches can and cannot accomplish. If you want to increase elasticity to make the skin more youthful, consider visiting a dermatologist or plastic surgeon to discuss other skin treatments for reducing lines and wrinkles.

Do frownies work? If you know the pros and cons, you can make your own decision on whether or not to add them to your skin regimen. To learn more about how to reduce lines and wrinkles for younger-appearing skin, talk to a dermatologist or plastic surgeon about frownies and other skin treatments.

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