Is Your Double Chin Bringing You Down?

Published on: August 7, 2018

When you see your face in the mirror or pictures on social media, do you cringe at your double chin? Many people of all ages and genders have the infamous double chin, even those that are height-weight proportionate. Excess fat under the chin can make you look older and heavier as a woman; for men, it can detract from the jaw line and create a less masculine profile. However, there are options for removing a double chin and improving your overall appearance.

A double chin can occur for many different reasons. Often it is hereditary. When fat accumulates below the chin for no reason, it could be due to genetics. Weight gain can also cause a double chin, but this usually goes away with weight loss. Age can be a factor, causing more loose skin and fat under the chin.

Liposuction or Lipoplasty

A surgical option to remove your double chin is liposuction. A plastic surgeon can carefully remove the excess fat from under the chin to create a slimmer, more chiseled jaw. In some cases, a neck lift may be needed to reduce excess skin after the fat is removed, especially in older patients.

Kybella Injections

One of the latest treatments for solving the double chin dilemma is Kybella. This simple injection targets the fat under the chin and dissolves the fat cells. This is a non-surgical option for those who want a slimmer neck and chin.

If you are tired of your double chin, seek the advice of a plastic surgeon to determine the best treatment option for you. You can have a svelte, chiseled chin and look younger with a double chin reduction through your local plastic surgery clinic.

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