How to Tighten Eyelid Skin Without Surgery

Published on: September 19, 2021
A mature woman pointing to her eyelids after non-surgical skin tightening treatment.

The eyelids shape and define the eyes but as you get older, they can begin to change. The delicate skin on the upper and lower eyelids can lose elasticity and volume, becoming thinner and saggy. Droopy eyelid skin on the upper or lower eyelids can make the eyes look tired and older. It can even make you look sad, changing how people perceive your mood. There are options available to rejuvenate the eyelids for a more youthful, happy and energetic appearance. Here is how to tighten eyelid skin without surgery for refreshed eyes.

One reason the eyelid skin loosens and sags as you get older is loss of collagen. Starting approximately in the thirties, the body begins to produce less collagen, which is needed for firmer, elastic skin. There is also a loss of elastin, which also impacts the skin’s elasticity. Since the eyelid skin is thinner naturally and it is constantly moving when you blink and close your eyes, it is often one of the first facial areas to show wrinkles and sagging skin. Stimulating more collagen production can improve the eyelid skin for a more youthful look.

Non-Surgical Eye Lift for Baggy Eyelids

Not everyone is willing to consider plastic surgery to rejuvenate their eyelids. If you have baggy eyelids or drooping skin, there are ways to increase collagen and tighten the eyelids. Certain cosmetic treatments can stimulate the collagen and elastin production in the skin, adding more volume and firmness in the eyelids. While blepharoplasty, or eyelid lift surgery, is beneficial for those with severe excess skin on the eyelids, in the early stages, a non-surgical eye lift can improve the skin’s firmness for a refreshed appearance.

There are different non-surgical cosmetic treatments that can be used to tighten and firm baggy eyelids. Most will help increase collagen and repair the skin, but each uses a different method to achieve the results. Most of these treatments are available through a plastic surgeon or medical spa, which offer various skin treatments for anti-aging.

Eyelid Laser Skin Treatments

There are certain laser skin treatments that can be safe to use on the eyelid. Fractional lasers can use light energy to target aging or damaged skin to improve its appearance. Laser skin treatments can be effective at reducing lines and wrinkles while stimulating collagen production. Over a few weeks after the treatment, the skin repairs and heals, revealing tighter, rejuvenated skin that looks years younger. This can remove under-the-eye bags or tighten droopy upper eyelids to help revitalize the eyes.

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RF Skin Tightening for the Eyelids

Radiofrequency, or RF, skin tightening is another option for a non-surgical eye lift. This treatment uses the RF energy to induce collagen and elastin production in the skin by heating the deeper skin layers. With skin tightening treatments, it can take weeks or months to realize the results, but the appearance is natural. The skin is not stretched or pulled; the skin naturally tightens as the collagen levels increase to more youthful levels. This procedure is non-invasive and does not require downtime after the treatment.

Ultherapy Eye Treatment

Another option for tightening baggy eyelids is Ultherapy, which uses sound waves to impact the skin structure. Like other non-surgical eyelid lift procedures, it can increase collagen to firm and tighten the upper or lower eyelids. The treatment only takes about an hour and over the following weeks, the skin can improve in firmness.

Cosmetic Injections

For some people, cosmetic injections like Botox® or facial fillers can be used for a non-surgical eyelid lift. While neither Botox nor facial fillers tighten the skin, they can combat other issues that impact the appearance of the eyes. Botox can be used to “lift” the brow by relaxing the muscles that pull down the brow, which can give both the eyebrows and upper eyelids a lifted appearance. Botox can also decrease crow’s feet on the corners of the eyes for smoother skin that looks more youthful.

Facial fillers add volume under the skin. For baggy eyelids or dark circles under the eyes, fillers can smooth the skin to improve the undereye appearance. Filler injections can be used in the tear troughs that create dark circles, adding volume. Bags under the eyes can be accentuated when there is lost volume in the upper checks. Adding filler injections can smooth the transition from the lower eyelid to the cheek to dissipate eye bags and rejuvenate the eye appearance.
A man undergoing non-surgical skin tightening procedure.
There are many different options for a non-surgical eyelid lift. To learn how to tighten eyelid skin without surgery, visit a plastic surgeon, dermatologist or medical spa to learn more about the different treatments available. Most can be completed in about an hour and do not require excess downtime for recovery. You can have more youthful, energetic and happier-appearing eyes with the right cosmetic treatment.

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